Microsoft Student with Encarta

Microsoft Student with Encarta

MS Student has a range of tools and resources for students with an encylopedia
The product is discontinued by the developer
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Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 16.0 (2008 & 2009) includes a wide range of tools and resources for students. It can help you with your math homework and your foreign language studies.
Encarta Premium combines the resources of its award-winning encyclopedia with a variety of research and learning tools to deliver a complete reference resource for home or school use. Comprehensive homework tools integrate homework project and research starters with the Dictionary & Thesaurus.
It includes templates and tutorials to help you do your homework in Microsoft Office.

There are collection of videos from Discovery Channel and a new Visual Browser providing users with a rich and dynamic way to make learning fun.

A new software included with is Microsoft Math.
Microsoft Math is a collection of tools to help you solve simple or complex math and science problems. You can use it for basic math, algebra, geometry, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, and more.

Microsoft Math includes the following features:

Calculator pad and Worksheet tab
Evaluate expressions and perform numeric calculations.
Graphing tab
Plot equations, inequalities, functions, and other expressions.
Equation Solver
Solve a single equation or system of equations.
Formulas and Equations
Find many widely used formulas, constants, and equations from a variety of mathematical and scientific disciplines, including algebra, geometry, chemistry, and physics. Click an equation to plot it or solve it for a particular variable.
Triangle Solver
Calculate sides, angles, and other information about triangles from known information that you provide.
Unit Conversion Tool
Convert measurements in one system to a different system.

Encarta Dictionaries

Encarta Dictionaries help you find definitions of words. You can double-click a word to quickly find the definition in the dictionary. The definition appears on the Dictionary tab.

Additional dictionary tools include:

Use to find synonyms and antonyms of words.
Use to translate a word or phrase into another language.
Verb Conjugation
Use to conjugate verbs from foreign languages.

Maps (World Atlas)

You can explore the World Atlas to find maps of many places.
Some features of the atlas are:

Map Legend
Explains the map symbols and colors. Colors and symbols vary according to the map style.
Map Customizer
Customize your view of a map by selecting the geographic features that you want to view. Geographic features vary according to the map style. Map Customizer also lets you change the way maps are projected. Globe View is an orthographic projection of the world. Flat Map View is a flat Miller cylindrical projection of the world.
Many types of maps are available. To view a different type of map, such as a map of climates, click a map style to the right. A statistical map is also available in the list of map styles.

Learning Essentials

Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office provides tutorials specifically created for student tasks such as writing reports, making presentations, and working on everyday homework assignments.

It helps you get the most out of Microsoft Office in the least amount of time by providing Office templates with customized toolbars and project assistance to help you with your studies.

Encarta Kids

Encarta Kids helps young students with homework and encourages them to learn in a fun and engaging way. Encarta Kids offers articles, multimedia, and interactive games specifically for ages 7 and up. This is just a separate interface for Kids with filtered contents and more stylishly designed front end.

Parental controls are available for encarta dictionary to block inappropriate words.

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  • Easy to search for contents
  • Less buttons (not too complex for using)
  • Wide range of contents
  • Less price


  • Uses more memory
  • Slow operation of adobe flash contents
  • Less multimedia contents
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